Agriculture, Fishing, and Food Production

The science and environmental impact issues related to agriculture, the fishing industry, and food production.

The Main Characteristics of Pastoral Farming

The characteristics of pastoral farming are unique to the culture where the farming occurs. Nomadic cultures are nomadic precisely because they are pastoral while established farming communities are stationary because they have developed systems to keep their animals healthy in captivity.

A Look at Food Waste in the United States

Food waste in the United States is generated by institutions, restaurants, supermarkets and households. Food waste takes up a lot of space in landfills and creates greenhouse gases. Many programs are in place to limit food waste. Donating food to soup kitchens is one way of reducing food waste.

The Ecological Importance of Fish: In Focus

Have a closer look at the fish ecology through this article & know where their communities could likely exist. As we explore the ecological importance of fish & other marine organisms, we will realize how our excessive demands have led to the destruction of their ecosystem. Find out how & why…