Are Sand & Dust Storms Due to Global Warming?

Are Sand & Dust Storms Due to Global Warming?
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Many storm systems are beginning to intensify from global warming. Sand and dust storms are among those. Many areas all over the globe are currently experiencing an intensity in the dust storms. Areas that usually do not experience these storms are now being affected by them. The warmer temperatures are causing these storms to gain severity.

Global Warming

As the temperatures on the planet begin to rise, serious alterations to normal weather patterns occur. As the temperatures rise, droughts become more common. Droughts have begun to occur in areas that normally do not experience these conditions. As the ground becomes severely dry from lack of rain, the dirt and dust loosen. As winds begin to blow, the severely dry dirt and dust from the ground begins to blow throughout the air, resulting in intense sand and dust storms.

These sand storms have affected numerous areas of the planet and are causing serious problems. The thick blankets of dirt that consumes the air, not only cause health problems for people, but can ruin crops as well. The severe dust storms can cause people to have breathing problems and contract infections. Valley fever is a huge health concern for people that live in the areas affected by these storms.

Crops are affected by these storms as well. The strong winds that cause the dust storms can ruin crops. The thick blanket of dirt that consumes the air can smother out crops, causing the crops to be damaged.

Dust Storms

These severe dust storms are affecting numerous nations. On April 3, 2009, one of these dust storms stuck northeastern Arizona. Winds of over 145 miles per hour were reported. The dust storm had decreased visibility so badly that many of the main highways in those areas had to be closed.

Another large dust storm struck Central Mexico on March 18, 2008. The winds were so severe the dirt had even reached southern Texas. The dust then mixed with strong rain showers, covered the entire city in mud.

These dust storms are affecting numerous nations, including China and India. The dust that does not settle back over the region it originated from can travel great distances to neighboring nations. This then cause health risks to the people of those nations. Global warming is affecting the intensity of storms all over the world. Sand and dust storms are only one form of weather being affected by the climate change.

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