Solar Energy

  • Safely Viewing the Sun

    Need to track or observe the position of the sun for your solar project? Wondering how to safely view the sun without damaging your eyes? This article will “shed some light” on the subject.
    By Baby Rani January 10, 2011 

  • Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

    Types of solar hot water systems include passive solar water heaters or active solar hot water heating. Solar water heaters also may be either direct water heating or they may use anti-freeze, where necessary to prevent freezing of water in the solar...
    By Harlan Bengtson January 9, 2011 

  • History Of Solar Energy

    The history of solar energy can be traced back to passive solar heating of buildings by the Greeks and Romans, through discovery of photovoltaic principles, development of photovoltaic solar panels, and the current continuing growth of solar thermal and...
    By Harlan Bengtson January 6, 2011 

  • Solar Water Beds for Heating (and Cooling) Living Spaces

    Solar water beds for heating and cooling living spaces have been around for some time They consist of large rubber bladders with an absorbent surface that uses the sun to heat the water contained inside. The heat is then transferred into the...
    By Willie Scott January 1, 2011 

  • Everything is Powered by the Sun

    The sun is an unimaginable source of energy. As humans we already use its energy for our benefits. However do you know actually what things are powered by the sun?
    By Senadheera Jayakody December 23, 2010 

  • Possible Explanation for the Inefficiency of Organic Solar Cells

    The use of organic materials to produce solar cells presents a lot of advantages if compared to the use of inorganic semiconductors. However, organic solar cells are still less efficient than the inorganic counterparts. This article attempts to explain...
    By Dige December 20, 2010 

  • Ratings for Above Ground Solar Panels

    The majority of manufacturer’s ratings for above ground solar panels specify the solar panels maximum output in BTU's, being for uninterrupted sunshine striking the panel. Other ratings quoted include the panel's fluid capacity...
    By Willie Scott November 5, 2010 

  • Solar Panels for Battery Charging

    The use of solar panels for battery charging in the form of 12v Photovoltaic Panels is becoming more popular, especially with the Boat and RV community. They normally use two deep cycle batteries, and a 12v PV charging system is ideal for keeping...
    By Willie Scott October 31, 2010 

  • Solar Shingles for Re-roofing

    Are solar panel roof shingles a better option for homeowners than solar panels? This article reviews the advantages and drawbacks of solar shingles, as well as some of the more prominent manufacturers.
    By Erik Hinrichsen October 26, 2010 

  • Excitons in Solar Engineering

    An Exciton describes the formation of an electron-hole pair when a photon hits the surface of a semiconductive material. The production of multiple excitons from a single photon could boost the efficiency of solar panels and revolutionize the photovoltaic...
    By Aggeliki K. October 25, 2010 
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