Solar Energy: Collecting, Storing, and Using Power from the Sun

The Sun produces massive amounts of energy each second. Some of this energy hits the Earth and can be collected and stored for later use. Solar panels are a common method used to harness the Sun’s renewable energy. Read articles about how solar panels can be used around your house and even the world. You’ll also find information about how efficient solar power can be, how it can help the environment, the costs associated with solar panels, and issues facing the technology.

How do Solar Cells Work?

You must have used a calculator that makes use of the solar energy. How about a Solar cooker? Water heater? Have you ever wondered how this solar energy is being made available to you? It is through a tiny important device called as Solar cell. So how does a solar cell work? What makes it possible?

How Solar Photovoltaic Cells Work

Photovoltaic cells or solar cells are comprised of layers of silicon slices joined together by wires. When sunrays fall on the photovoltaic cells electricity is generated, which is stored in a rechargeable battery and used for any application.