Solar Energy: Collecting, Storing, and Using Power from the Sun

The Sun produces massive amounts of energy each second. Some of this energy hits the Earth and can be collected and stored for later use. Solar panels are a common method used to harness the Sun’s renewable energy. Read articles about how solar panels can be used around your house and even the world. You’ll also find information about how efficient solar power can be, how it can help the environment, the costs associated with solar panels, and issues facing the technology.

What is Geoengineering?

With the ever increasing emission of greenhouse gases and our slow reaction to their mitigation, scientists believe we can reduce their effect on climate change through geo-engineering technology. This consists of reflecting solar radiation away from earth and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Electricity and Heat Using Concentrated Solar Power

Solar parabolic dishes are normally used in domestic water heating, but in the last decade have become more popular in the generation of power for the grid using renewable energy.
The thermal energy is converted to kinetic energy being used to power a heat engine driving an electrical generator

Geothermal Heat Pumps for Radiant Floor Heating

The UK’s average ground temperature is around 8-13 degrees C year round having built up in the ground during the summer months. The renewable energy is captured by a loop of underground pipes supplying a ground source heat pump. This thermal energy can be used to run an under floor heating system.

Solar Engery Used to Heat Domestic Water

We already benefit from solar energy, our homes being heated through windows, conservatories or specially built walls.
Other devices used to exploit this renewable energy are thermal solar panels used to heat domestic water and photovoltaic panels (PV) which produce DC electricity for the home.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Power

Have you ever wondered how much energy is being untamed from the sunlight falling on our Earth’s surface? Read this to learn about solar energy and appreciate the pros and cons of solar energy. Also learn about government grants for power generation from sunlight.

How to Make a Solar Cooker at Home?

Using a solar cooker is an efficient way of cooking your food and reducing your energy bills at the same time. Want to start right away? Why not make a solar cooker of your own? The article describes how to make a solar cooker at home using simple things available at hand. Read to find more.

Solar Thermal Energy for Solar Powerplants

There are different types of solar thermal power stations where the energy from the sun is collected by an arrangement of mirrors. These rotate or tilt to follow the suns arcing movement.
The heat energy generated is used to raise steam and run steam turbines which drive electric power generators.