Solar Energy: Collecting, Storing, and Using Power from the Sun

The Sun produces massive amounts of energy each second. Some of this energy hits the Earth and can be collected and stored for later use. Solar panels are a common method used to harness the Sun’s renewable energy. Read articles about how solar panels can be used around your house and even the world. You’ll also find information about how efficient solar power can be, how it can help the environment, the costs associated with solar panels, and issues facing the technology.

Thin Film Solar Roof Panels

The stubborn, cumbersome, low efficiency traditional types of thick-film solar panels are today slowly being replaced by more promising thin film solar panels. What technology and components make them so impressive? Let’s find out!

Solar Energy: Pros and Cons

We all know the vast benefits of solar energy. But there are some disadvantages too. So if you are planning to tap solar energy to reduce pollution, reduce your electric bill and reduce your ecological footprint, there are some things that you shouldn’t overlook. Read more to learn about them.

Mobile Factories and Human Colonies on the Earth’s Oceans

Now may be the time to make the move from the earth’s surface to the oceans. It’s already starting– just look at what’s happening in Dubai- and provides the answer to the earth’s overcrowding, food shortages, and poverty. The oceans offer unlimited free solar and wind energy, as well as tidal power.

Photovoltaics off grid

A stand alone or off-grid photovoltaic (PV) system allows the householder to enjoy a quiet, environmentally friendly, emission-free and reliable means of producing electricity to supply the home. Initial costs of a PV system are quite high, but substantially less than the cost of a grid connection.

The Development of Solar Energy

The review of the history of solar energy drives home the fact that solar energy remains a viable and clean form of energy, but the economics of cheaper alternatives such as coal and fossil fuels confine such renewable energy sources to the back burner.