Solar Energy: Collecting, Storing, and Using Power from the Sun

The Sun produces massive amounts of energy each second. Some of this energy hits the Earth and can be collected and stored for later use. Solar panels are a common method used to harness the Sun’s renewable energy. Read articles about how solar panels can be used around your house and even the world. You’ll also find information about how efficient solar power can be, how it can help the environment, the costs associated with solar panels, and issues facing the technology.

Guide to Photovoltaic Cell (PV) Technology

The use of solar energy is growing rapidly and photovoltaic cell technology is constantly evolving. All these advancements may sound unfamiliar and difficult to keep up with. This guide will show you how this technology works, the application potential, and what the future may hold.

Complete Guide to Solar Energy

Solar power has been researched for centuries. Thanks to space research and the continued energy crisis, the technology has come a long way in a very short time. While we are still quite a distance from a solar-powered world, we can now see what technology can get us there very quickly.

A Quiz to Learn About Solar Energy

Are you a solar energy expert … or an interested novice? Take this quiz, see where you rank, and perhaps learn more about solar energy and how solar energy is being put to use for passive solar heating, photovoltaic panels, and active solar heating systems.

Growth Potential for Solar Energy Market

The growth potential for the solar energy market in the United States places it among the best investments currently available to potential entrepreneurs. With only California seeing a capable supply of solar installation companies, that leaves 49 states ripe for the picking.

Solar Installer Job Description

The record setting growth of the U.S. solar industry in 2011 showed new grid connected installs up 66% over the same time period in 2010. The prices for an installed photovoltaic system have dropped over 15% over the same period. These trends suggest continued growth in the solar industry.

Components in a PV System; PV System Diagram

The PV System is becoming very common because of its usefulness in generating electricity. Here we will discuss the types of PV system and its components with circuit diagram. These systems can be used for both grid connected and off-grid (battery only) systems.

Solar Thermal Drain Back Systems

The solar thermal drain back system can reduce your electricity bill by heating water using solar energy. The savings can be substaintial if you use the correct system for your home. Different types and components of this system have distinct advantages and disadvantages which will be covered below.

Why are Organic Solar Cells so Inefficient?

The use of organic materials to produce solar cells presents a lot of advantages if compared to the use of inorganic semiconductors. However, organic solar cells are still less efficient than the inorganic counterparts. This article attempts to explain the reason for this inefficiency.

Advantages of Organic Solar Cells

Latest advances have shown a great potential for organic solar cells compared to conventional silicon cells. Their versatility in production methods, properties and applications looks very promising for the future of solar energy.

Ratings for Solar Above Ground Pool Heaters

The majority of manufacturer’s ratings for above ground solar panels specify the solar panels maximum output in BTU’s, being for uninterrupted sunshine striking the panel.
Other ratings quoted include the panel’s fluid capacity, flow rate, working pressure, and stagnation temperature.

Solar Panel Roof Shingles

Are solar panel roof shingles a better option for homeowners than solar panels? This article reviews the advantages and drawbacks of solar shingles, as well as some of the more prominent manufacturers.