This subchannel includes general articles on renewable energy like gases from wastes, garbage, and other renewable energy sources.

Ionizing Air and Ozone

The ozone layer located high in the stratosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful high frequency UV rays. This layer is getting thinner due mostly to anthropogenic activities along with the production of ionized air, prompting an examination into the relationship between ionized air and ozone.

The World’s Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Options

Today a lot of pressure is being applied to upgrade our energy production systems to renewable energy formats. Holding this back is the cost of implementing these systems too quickly. Here you’ll find a collection that will aid you in understanding which of these technologies is most promising.

Superconductivity – The Final Frontier?

A material that is superconductive can store electrical energy without any losses. This can help power stations to store energy effortlessly during hours when the demand is not at a peak, and distribute the stored energy whenever it is needed. Superconductivity can reduce transmission losses to zero

Is This the Right Time to Switch to LED Lighting?

Today we have various lighting options at our disposal, but the need of the hour is choosing the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective medium of lighting. Screw-in LEDs are poised to replace compact fluorescents (CFLs), but is now the time to make the move?

Vulcan Project – Map finds CO2 Hotspots in US

With CO2 emissions on the rise and concern about it continuing to rise in higher concentrations due to industry, scientists are coming up with ways to chart and pinpoint areas of the country that are contributing to CO2 emissions. This knowledge will help control and regulate CO2 emissions.

Rail Road Ties – Concrete or Wood – Which is Greener?

Railroad ties around the world are up for replacement. The crossties that hold railroad tracks together are traditionally made of wood, but now, stronger and longer lasting — but more energy intensive to produce — concrete ties are available. Which tie material is greener – wood or concrete?