Alternative Fuels: Producing and Using Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Fuel Cells

With the ever growing concern of the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the planet as well as the fact that they are non-renewable, more and more resources are being put toward creating and using alternative fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells. These renewable fuels created from biomass sources are more environmentally friendly than their fossil fuel counterparts, and can be produced at comparable costs than conventional drilling for and refining oil and coal.

Huge Potential from Air-Aluminum Battery Research

An aluminum-air battery that produces 1 volt and 100 milliamps of electricity can be made from simple household materials: aluminum foil, salt water, and activated charcoal. This can be a great source of power in emergency situations or in places without access to an electrical grid.

Basic Concepts of the Distillation of Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol is used as alternative source of energy (fuel) for cooking and lighting (in lanterns), medicine, and lotions. In alcohol distillation, an alcoholic mixture is boiled at specific temperatures to make the alcoholic contents evaporate and then be condensed back to liquid.

Can I Remove Ethanol from Gasoline?

Do a quick Google search on, “can I remove ethanol from gasoline” and what you’ll find are many blogs and forums—loaded with those desiring to do so—if only to increase fuel economy. Should you buy an ethanol test kit or try and remember whether your model year car uses E10 or E15?

Changes in Land Use Model due to Biofuel Model

Biofuels, it’s an amazing source of alternative energy! However, production of this product does have it’s drawbacks and research into changes in land use due to biofuel model is being looked into. Hopefully, this research will help in keeping down usage of regular agricultural crops.

Biodiesel Process Safety Management

Biofuel is being looked into to as a possible alternate source of regular petroleum. In the production of this product, however, there are concerns about safety issues. ‘Biodiesel process safety management’ is the formal term for implementing safety procedures.

Major 6 Renewable Energy Sources

Our beautiful planet has abundant sunlight, strong winds, sea and rivers full of water, and hot springs to produce energy without inflicting harm on the environment. This article explores six renewable energy resources widely used as alternative to fossil fuels.