Alternative Fuels: Producing and Using Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Fuel Cells

With the ever growing concern of the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the planet as well as the fact that they are non-renewable, more and more resources are being put toward creating and using alternative fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells. These renewable fuels created from biomass sources are more environmentally friendly than their fossil fuel counterparts, and can be produced at comparable costs than conventional drilling for and refining oil and coal.

Renewable Energy Cost Analysis for the US

The high cost of fossil fuels coupled with CO2 emissions threatening climate change has led to an influx of proposals for renewable energy projects. However, the choice as always will come down to costs and which renewable energy type has the best short-term and long-term economic potential.

Straw Bales as Fuel to run Barley Dryer

Farmers who grow barley and other cereal crops have had difficulty reaping their harvest due to wet weather prevalent in many parts of the world. This has caused them to reap wet barley resorting to the use of expensive grain dryers to reduce the humidity content before it is acceptable for malting.

Think You Know Your Alternative Fuels?

So you think you know everything there is to know about alternative fuel possibilities? We’re willing to bet that there are at least five options you’ve never heard of. Several of these seem more like science fiction than hard science at first, but all of them have solid research behind them.

A Complete Guide to Biogas

Biogas is a fuel generated from common and renewable biological sources, including from garbage and biological wastes. It is highly advantageous as biogas can power equipment designed to run on non-renewable natural gas.

Is Ethanol in Gasoline Safe for Two Stroke Engines?

An exclusively ethanol two stroke engine is presently not possible. However ethanol blended gasoline can be used to run your vehicles. Find more about how and when to use ethanol blended with gasoline. Also know about what your company has to say about the compatibility of your vehicle with ethanol.

Survey: New Hydrogen Generation Techniques

This article provides a survey of new techniques for generating hydrogen gas, which has a number of implications for the future of fuel cells. Read the article to gain a basic understanding of the new approaches for creating hydrogen.

Can Diesel Engines be run on Natural Gas?

Natural gas can be used as a dual-fuel in diesel engines following a conversion. The gas is compressed (CNG) and contained in a pressure tank usually in an automobiles boot or underneath the truck’s body. It is less toxic and safer to use, emitting less CO2, than a normal petrol or diesel engine.