Alternative Fuels

  • Will Compressed Air Power Tomorrow's Cars?

    Compressed air may be the future to green cars. However, this technology does not come with some minor challenges. Learn more about the future of air-powered cars, the challenges that face mainstreaming them, and the potential future developments.
    By Eighty Six June 23, 2015 

  • All the Ways Algae Can Change the World

    Some of the earth's oldest living organisms may be the answer to our over-reliance on fossil fuels. This article discusses many of the potential uses for algae from bio-fuels to surfboards and...Forumula racing? The uses of algae are limitless!
    By Eighty Six June 15, 2015 

  • Formula E: Racing Around the World with Zero Emissions

    The FIA is hoping to smash preconceived notions that electric cars have no place on the race track. Learn more about the new Formula E Championship in this article.
    By Eighty Six June 2, 2015 

  • Can Flow Battery Technology Create Clean, Green Power?

    The flow battery is an old idea that has come back around. If built with clean and affordable components, it could become the power source our planet needs. Before getting into the details of the flow battery, let's review how a basic battery works...
    By Eighty Six April 20, 2015 

  • A Guide to Types of Green Cars

    The automotive marketplace is shifting. Suddenly a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) is not your only option. Do you understand your choices? The following is a guide to the pros, cons, ins and outs of the four most common new car...
    By Eighty Six February 10, 2015 

  • Alexander Graham Bell and Renewable Energy

    Think the greenhouse effect is a recently coined term? And ethanol as a fuel source is a newly developed concept? Think again. Read on for an overview of using alcohol (ethanol) as a source of renewable energy and learn why Alexander Graham...
    By N Nayab March 7, 2012 

  • Why Doesn't My Electrical Provider use Renewable Energy?

    If we want to keep using electrical devices in the not-so-distant future, we need to start investing in renewable energy sources. Energy producers are balking at this development mainly because of the cost of renewable energy installations and plants...
    By Mike Aguilar December 14, 2011 

  • Which Renewable Energy Form has the Best Economic Potential?

    The high cost of fossil fuels coupled with CO2 emissions threatening climate change has led to an influx of proposals for renewable energy projects. However, the choice as always will come down to costs and which renewable energy type has the best short...
    By Willie Scott December 1, 2011 

  • Producing Biodiesel by the Transesterification Process

    Biodiesel, a renewable fuel, is produced from vegetable oils and animal fats by a process called transesterification. It breaks down the molecules of vegetable oils into constituent molecules forming biodiesel as the main product and glycerin as the byproduct...
    By Haresh Khemani November 15, 2011 

  • Use of Straw Bales to Dry Barley

    Farmers who grow barley and other cereal crops have had difficulty reaping their harvest due to wet weather prevalent in many parts of the world. This has caused them to reap wet barley resorting to the use of expensive grain dryers to reduce the humidity...
    By Willie Scott October 26, 2011 
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