What is a Gun Engine?


Gun Engine is a green energy engine that has the same mechanism as that of a conventional gun. The environmentally friendly engine uses liquid or gaseous fuel to move a piston in the same way as a bullet is shot out of a gun’s barrel. This highly efficient engine provides a spectacular efficiency of ninety two percent with almost negligible pollution.

How Does a Gun Work?

The important parts of a basic gun are barrel, bullet, ammo casing, primer and gun powder. When the gun’s trigger is pulled, the igniter or primer ignites the gun powder, which explodes and pushes the bullet towards a small piston. As the bullet moves towards the piston, the air in the barrel and cylinder is compressed which increases the pressure on the piston. The piston compresses against a spring which increases the pressure. When this pressure reaches a particular point, the bullet stops and the whole process reverses. The reversal process thus pushes the bullet out of the barrel with a torque that is a hundreds times higher than the piston pressure.

The gun engine also works almost on the same principle. However, in a gun engine, the cylinder resembles a gun, the bullet resembles a piston, the primer resembles the igniter, and the combustion chamber resembles the ammo casing.


How Does the Gun Engine Work?

In the Gun engine, instead of gun powder, any type of liquid or gaseous fuel is used. The fuel is vaporized before it enters the combustion chamber because vaporized fuel leads to faster combustion. The fuel is ignited by means of a conventional igniter. As the fuel burns, the pressure generated pushes the piston into an air filled chamber. As the piston moves further inside the chamber, the air compresses and after a certain point pushes the piston back like a spring once the combustion is complete. The piston is attached to a mechanical arrangement that generates electricity.

Water is put with the fuel for vaporization in the ratio of eight parts of fuel to one part of water. The water facilitates two functions – First it gets converted to steam and thus increases the pressure on the piston and second keeps the engine cool by absorbing the heat. Moreover, the exhaust generated does not require any kind of treatment. The production of NOx is prevented because of the special design of the engine which also prevents the generation of other pollutants. The engine has an internal cooling system that saves energy and thus produces more work. Also, as there are no pollutants generated, there is no deposition of carbon inside the engine and thus less of a requirement for maintenance. Thus, the Gun Engine not only eliminates loss of energy, but also provides high efficiency without any pollution.

Gun engine and its inventor

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