Renewable Energy

Join BrightHub’s Renewable Energy Channel as we explore all sources of energy coming from natural resources that are renewable and sustainable. Natural power can come from the sun in the form of solar power; water, in the form of tidal or wave power; earth, in the form of biomass; and wind in the form of wind power. Read articles exploring the technology behind wind turbines, clean coal, biogas and more.
Have you ever wondered if biodiesel and ethanol are good choices for clean car fuel? Are you curious about how we might harness power from volcanoes resulting in geothermal power? Find all the answers you’re looking for on how to make our world a cleaner, more sustainable place with less pollution and less worry about the energy of the future. Explore articles, tips and reviews written by students, scientists and enthusiasts exploring new technologies and resources around the world.
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Complete Guide to Solar Energy

Solar power has been researched for centuries. Thanks to space research and the continued energy crisis, the technology has come a long way in a very short time. While we are still quite a distance from a solar-powered world, we can now see what technology can get us there very quickly.

Complete Guide to Hydroelectric Plants

Compared to other forms of energy productions, the side effects of hydroelectric power are relatively benign. Some could even argue that the biggest problem with them is that there aren’t enough rivers to cover all of our energy needs with them!

Think You Know Your Alternative Fuels?

So you think you know everything there is to know about alternative fuel possibilities? We’re willing to bet that there are at least five options you’ve never heard of. Several of these seem more like science fiction than hard science at first, but all of them have solid research behind them.

A Quiz to Learn About Solar Energy

Are you a solar energy expert … or an interested novice? Take this quiz, see where you rank, and perhaps learn more about solar energy and how solar energy is being put to use for passive solar heating, photovoltaic panels, and active solar heating systems.

The World’s Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Options

Today a lot of pressure is being applied to upgrade our energy production systems to renewable energy formats. Holding this back is the cost of implementing these systems too quickly. Here you’ll find a collection that will aid you in understanding which of these technologies is most promising.

A Complete Guide to Biogas

Biogas is a fuel generated from common and renewable biological sources, including from garbage and biological wastes. It is highly advantageous as biogas can power equipment designed to run on non-renewable natural gas.

Tidal Energy Is A Never Ending Source of Energy

Tidal energy is used to convert the energy in tides into other forms of energy that are useful to mankind, mainly in the form of power through electricity. Such tidal energy had also been used earlier by tide mills mainly to drive flour mills and such examples go back to even Roman times.

Superconductivity – The Final Frontier?

A material that is superconductive can store electrical energy without any losses. This can help power stations to store energy effortlessly during hours when the demand is not at a peak, and distribute the stored energy whenever it is needed. Superconductivity can reduce transmission losses to zero

Is Ethanol in Gasoline Safe for Two Stroke Engines?

An exclusively ethanol two stroke engine is presently not possible. However ethanol blended gasoline can be used to run your vehicles. Find more about how and when to use ethanol blended with gasoline. Also know about what your company has to say about the compatibility of your vehicle with ethanol.

How to Choose a Wind Turbine for Home Electricity

You’ve made up your mind to generate electricity with the help of wind power. Great. You’ve probably started your research and are weighing the financial requirements as well as the pros and cons of a wind generator. This article will introduce some of the technical terms and concepts involved.

Is This the Right Time to Switch to LED Lighting?

Today we have various lighting options at our disposal, but the need of the hour is choosing the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective medium of lighting. Screw-in LEDs are poised to replace compact fluorescents (CFLs), but is now the time to make the move?

Growth Potential for Solar Energy Market

The growth potential for the solar energy market in the United States places it among the best investments currently available to potential entrepreneurs. With only California seeing a capable supply of solar installation companies, that leaves 49 states ripe for the picking.

Solar Installer Job Description

The record setting growth of the U.S. solar industry in 2011 showed new grid connected installs up 66% over the same time period in 2010. The prices for an installed photovoltaic system have dropped over 15% over the same period. These trends suggest continued growth in the solar industry.