Eco-Conscious Shopping

  • Green Engagement Rings

    Think that engagement rings have to be big and bad? Well a big diamond in an engagement ring is always nice, but the ring doesn't have to be bad for the environment. There are now a wide selection of luxurious eco friendly engagement rings to...
    By JazminEspinal July 6, 2011 

  • Top Picks for Wood Floor Cleaning the Green Way

    With a plethora of potential cleaners on the market, it is difficult to pick the best biodegradable cleaner for wood floors. They may look green, but unless the shopper is a chemist, the ingredients list is incomprehensible. Here's a little help in...
    By Magdalena Perks July 5, 2011 

  • Learn About All Natural, Hemp and Organic Socks

    Buying all natural organic socks made from hemp and other Eco-friendly fibers is an easy way to make a positive impact on the environment, while also wearing great socks! Learn the benefits of hemp-based socks.
    By BStone July 5, 2011 

  • Green Bakeware

    If you are thinking of taking your greenness a bit further, why not start by using eco friendly bake ware? To be more specific, eco friendly clay bake ware has been around for centuries and it has always withstood the test of time.
    By JazminEspinal July 5, 2011 

  • Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

    If you don't have the funds to purchase elegant wedding invitations or want to make sure they are made of eco-friendly materials, learn how to make your own invites at home for less than $1 per invitation.
    By JazminEspinal July 5, 2011 

  • Better Cooking with Eco Pots and Pans

    Have you ever noticed that there are little black chips in your scrambled eggs, but you didn't use any pepper? Well those black chips are called teflon my friend. Teflon is the nonstick coating that is used to coat pans so our food doesn't...
    By JazminEspinal July 1, 2011 

  • Best Website to Buy Sustainable Furniture

    The most important surface in our homes is that of our furniture. Furniture takes up most of the space in our apartments and our homes. For that single reason it is important that you make earth conscious decisions when purchasing furniture and decor...
    By JazminEspinal June 29, 2011 

  • Earth Friendly Auto Repair

    Earth friendly automotive repair goes well beyond simply disposing of chemicals properly. Find out how eco-friendly auto care helps the environment, and how you can find eco-conscious shops near you.
    By Chrissy Dean June 28, 2011 

  • Thoughtful and Eco-Friendly Inexpensive Gifts

    Finding the right gift for someone is not always a simple task, especially when trying to find eco-friendly, inexpensive gifts. Try some of these thoughtful, yet practical and sustainable ideas.
    By Brekke Bounds June 28, 2011 

  • Eco Friendly Electronics

    Did you know that even when electronics are turned off they still use energy during their standby time? To reduce your electronics energy consumption and electric bill, think about only buying electronics marked with an energy star tag
    By JazminEspinal June 28, 2011 
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