Eco-Conscious Shopping & Product Reviews

When using your consumer buying power consider our planet, and use your power for the greater good! Although some may be concerned that the current rash of green products is simply a trend, the truth is that it’s never been easier or more affordable to shop organic, natural and green. Read product reviews and learn the best place to spend your money on products that encourage fair trade, environmentally responsible practices, and less packaging and waste.

Biodegradable Christmas Wrapping Paper

Practice green living during the holiday season by using biodegradable wrapping paper. Several eco-conscious online stores offer recycled paper in a variety of styles and colors. Bring more green to your holiday season with biodegradable paper!

The Processes for Forming Biodegradable Products

In understanding what is involved in the forming of biodegradable products, the reader will also learn that there are three classifications pertaining to biodegradable products. Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware that not all biodegradables are compostable or will decompose naturally.

Information About Biodegradable Sunscreens

Many are seeking information about biodegradable sunscreens since most marine parks in Mexico are now requiring beach guests, snorkelers and scuba divers to use only biodegradable lotions. Recent research findings reveal how washed-off sunscreen ingredients can stir back to life dormant viruses.