Natural Beauty & Personal Care

Go natural to help the environment and your health without sacrificing your appearance! Here you’ll find recipes for natural beauty and hygiene products, reviews of organic shampoos, soaps, make-up and more. From household products you can use as cleansors to information on essential oils and more tips to Green your personal care routine!

Natural Pesticides Help Maintain a Healthy Way of Life

Insects and parasites affect humans, pets and their environments. Having a green home does not mean you have to live with these pests. You can eliminate insects and parasites with natural pesticides. Learn about the dangers of chemical pesticides and the natural, safe alternatives available.

Buying and Making All Natural Blushing Cream

Are you concerned about using toxic blush creams that gets absorbed into your skin? Well, worry no more. Now you can have glowing cheeks using a brand name all natural blushing cream, or better yet, you can make the product yourself at home in less than five minutes.

How to Make an All Natural Air Freshener

Instead of using conventional, chemical-based air fresheners try a homemade, non-toxic alternative. Neutralize bad odors, enhance atmosphere, and even improve mood by learning how to make an all-natural air freshener.