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Going green can sometimes seem overwhelming. Many end up feeling because they can't live off grid and raise their own grass fed beef they may as well not do anything at all. Small actions add up though, and our expert green panel is here to help you get motivated. From CFLs and carbon footprints, to what organic labeling really means, our experts are here to share their views and answer questions. Share your opinion in the comments, as well as further tips and suggestions for reducing waste and living greener!

The Debate Over GMO Labeling: Where do You Stand?

Should genetically modified foods be labeled? Proponents insist that consumers have a “right to know”, while critics claim that forced labeling would falsely alarm consumers over ingredients that have been proven safe. Where do you stand on the debate?

Taking a Real Look at Friedman’s Call to Green Revolution

Friedman believes we are, and the way to get there is through offering tax incentives to those working on green technologies – while that’s a great incentive for businesses, for long-term success we’re going to need to stop being so obsessed with consumer goods and become more impressed by nature.