Homemade Goods & Crafts

Part of living green is learning to do more things for yourself instead of buying expensive products from a store. These products are often produced in factories that generate a lot of waste and come with tons of packaging! Learn how to do more things for yourself, including making clothes, gifts and products for your home. Many of these projects include upcycling or reusing material to turn it into something new. Leave a comment for your own ideas and suggestions!

Crochet Hair Net Pattern Tutorial

Round up your favorite crochet hook and a crochet thread in your favorite color, settle into your couch, then begin crocheting your own hair net. Even if you are a beginner at crochet, you can quickly learn how to complete the mesh stitch.

Make Easy Cross Stitch Bookmarks with Christmas Motifs

What kinds of gifts do you plan to give this Christmas? Instead of laying out your money for items you buy at the store, make Christmas gifts instead. If you have a creative talent, such as cross stitch, small gifts that you make and give with love will be appreciated more than something you buy.

How to Make Log Furniture: Rustic Chair

Learning how to make log furniture may seem like a daunting task but it really is quite simple. There are only a few new techniques to learn and you’ll be well on your way to constructing everything from bar stools to bed frames.

Make a Crocheted Headband for Baby Girl

Crocheted baby headbands work up quickly. Because you only need to crochet a few inches (in general, about 9 inches), to have a sufficient length to fit around the circumference of the baby’s head. Because baby headbands are also narrow, each row is quickly completed.

The Basics of Cross Stitch

What is cross stitch? Simply put, it’s a craft that decorates homes and clothing. Cross stitchers. learn this version of needlepoint, then begin creating framed pictures, wall hangings and pillows. Popular themes include holidays, alphabet letters and babies.

How to Make a Home Made Vaporizer

You can easily make a vaporizer at home using easily available things. There is no need to buy expensive components and no need to learn extensive technology. Read on to know how to make a home made vaporizer.

Loom Knitting 101: Basic Winter Tube Socks

One of the easiest projects that a beginning loom knitter can complete is a pair of winter tube socks. These socks are warm, comfortable, and will teach the beginning loom knitter three basic stitches used in every loom knitting project.