Green Travel and Recreation

A look at green travel options, eco journey trips, reviews of green travel and recreational products, great destinations for the environmentally focused traveler, etc.

Picture Gallery of Eco-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Are you looking for a vacation away from the intensity of modern everyday life? Get down to earth and consider a trip to an eco-friendly location where nature is the center of attention. View these eye catching images, be inspired and book your next adventure.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Vacations

With sustainability, eco-friendly and eco-just-about-anything at the forefront of our vocabulary, it’s not difficult to focus on going green. Don’t forget to stay green when on vacation or even take a vacation that helps the environment. This guide is bursting with ideas that show you how.

A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Island Resorts

Green travel is the latest in luxury living for the eco-conscious. Kick off your shoes, grab a frosty hurricane glass, and find out where you can leave low carbon footprints in the sand with this guide to environmentally friendly island resorts.

The 5 Top Green Cities in the US & Their Green Initiatives

In coming up with our list of the top green cities in the U.S., we searched high & low for sources of reliable information by considering the soundness of the publisher’s research methodology. This way we could provide a fair & unbiased accounting of the 5 best green cities in America.

Top 4 Cruise Ships Going Green

Cruises are fun, pampering, and full of surprises. Most surprising is the amount of waste that is produced by some cruise lines. By choosing a green cruise you can have the fun without the guilt.

Luxury and Nature at the Resort at Paws Up Montana

Tender bison steak, electric cars, scenic lake views and eco-friendly “glamping” can become part of your visit to The Resort at Paws Up Montana. Learn more about this Missoula area green travel spot.

Wind Farm Tourism Attraction Options

A trip to a wind farm tourism attraction just might be the vacation of your dreams. While wind farm destinations aren’t popular in all parts of the world, you can often see these in parts of the United States and the United Kingdom.

What Are the Types and Advantages of Eco-tourism?

There are different types of eco-tourism, so if you’re a travel lover, the advantages of eco-tourism are endless. In general, eco-tourism is a more purposeful type of traveling meant to increase your awareness of other cultures while keeping the natural ecosystem in tact. So where do you want to go?

Learn How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Trip

Deciding to plan an eco-friendly trip is a great way to travel. This guide lays out core elements for each aspect of your trip, including many before you even leave. From where you go to how you get there, and from what you eat to what you pack, we’ll show you how to best plan an eco-friendly trip.

Types of Eco friendly Camping Trailers

An eco friendly camping trailer is a fun way to travel around the country and enjoy some rest and relaxation. However, finding and buying a green camper can be a challenge so here are some tips to help you make the most sustainable purchase.