Green Construction

  • Should you Invest in Solar Panels?

    More and more homeowners are considering solar panels for their home. In some communities they are even a common sight, but in most places it’s still a niche investment. Is it worth it for you? This article will help you find out!
    By  Simone Garneau August 1, 2016 

  • Is It Possible To Make Air Conditioning More Sustainable?

    Most commercial and retail buildings still run on energy gained from burning fossil fuels, a method that is no longer sustainable. Other than transitioning to green energy, are there any other ways to optimize air conditioning in our buildings?
    By Tony Ellerker January 27, 2016 

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Windows This Summer

    When you realize that your heating and cooling bill is as large as it is because your windows are letting too much air escape, it is time to upgrade your windows. Here we list 5 reasons why you should choose eco-friendly windows which tend to be fiberglass...
    By Paul Kazlov July 27, 2015 

  • Replacing Plastic: Cellulose and 3-D Printing

    In a 3D printing, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden used a bio-printer to successfully print three-dimensional objects made entirely of cellulose from wood. In other laboratories around the world, scientists are developing technologies...
    By Maggie Romuld July 10, 2015 

  • Is a Micro House Right For You?

    Would you consider living in a 500 sq. ft. home? How about one that is 300 sq. ft.? What about one that’s less than 100 sq. ft.? Not only are there houses like this on the market but they are gaining popularity. See if you could be one...
    By KennethSleight October 24, 2011 

  • Earthships: The Greenest Off-Grid Homes

    While they may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, Earthships actually exist in every state of the Union and in several nations in Europe. These self-sustaining homes are among the most eco-friendly structures on Earth due to the materials they...
    By KennethSleight October 20, 2011 

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Going Green on Your Home Build

    Are you thinking about building or remodeling your home but want to do it in an environmentally friendly way? Here at Bright Hub we’ve got you covered from information on bamboo floorboards to roof top gardens with our complete guide to constructing...
    By KennethSleight October 15, 2011 

  • Can Natural Mulch be a House Fuel?

    Garden waste is natural, renewable energy that can keep you warm in the winter. You can use these materials to form briquettes or logs that can then be burned as firewood. Using garden mulch as firewood can be a low cost, environmentally friendly way...
    By Liz Durfey August 31, 2011 

  • Building Homes with Natural Materials

    Naturally occurring building material is best used in the areas where they occur. Among these are wood, stone, mud or clay, lime and naturally growing grasses like bamboo and straw. All these materials can be used by themselves or in combination with...
    By Jayant R Row August 28, 2011 

  • Electricity Free Green Homes: Yurts

    Yurts are green home choices that give individuals a chance to live in sustainable comfort.
    By Donna Cosmato August 24, 2011 
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