Green Baby & Childcare

Learn all you need to know about raising your baby and your children as organically and naturally as possible. It’s all about cutting back on waste, choosing natural, safer methods of childcare and teaching your kids to be responsible citizens and stewards of the environment. Look here for everything from info on cloth diapers to tips for teaching your children about sustainability to green gifts for teenagers. Raise your family the green way!

How An Appliance Becomes Energy Star Qualified

Appliances with the ENERGY STAR certification have become consumers’ preferred choice of home appliances because of the low energy usage and low operating costs incurred. They’ve been around for over a decade, but do we know what makes an appliance energy efficient?

Where To Find Recycled “Stuff” For Baby Room Decor

Green-conscious parents who need ideas for decorating a baby room with recycled “stuff” can order products from a number of eco-friendly online stores. Sites such as Pristine Planet, GreenandMore, and Great Green Baby have recycled furniture, bedding, toys, and other products for a baby’s nursery.

Natural Homemade Skin Moisturizer for Toddler Skin Care

If you’re worried about rubbing harmful ingredients on your child’s skin, making a skin moisturizer for toddlers is easy. Follow these tips to create your own homemade recipe. As a bonus, we include suggestions for the best healthy versus unhealthy ingredients to use.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Reuse Products For Children

Many products for children are easy to reuse, and environmentally-conscious families can take steps to reduce waste by finding new purposes for these items as their little ones grow. Save baby food jars, plastic bottles and cups, diaper wipe containers, and more by using these green living ideas.

Eco-Friendly Schools: What You Can Do to Help

The Education system is one of the largest producers of consumer waste and utility waste in today’s world. Reducing this waste and creating a more eco-friendly logistics platform is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint of our education system today.

Organic Baby Products Parents & Baby’s Love

It’s no secret; every parent wants the best for their little ones. Providing your baby with the best organic baby products starts them off on the right track. With numerous organic items available on the market, parents can ensure that their babies won’t leave even a tiny ecological footprint.

Natures Purest Hug Me Baby Swing and Bouncer: A Great, Green Choice!

Are you a parent, or a parent to be, who wants to make sure all of the purchases for your baby are green ones? Natures Purest is there to support your goals to be an earth-friendly family! Their Hug Me line of baby products includes a swing and a bouncer that are made with 100% organic materials!

Favorite Non Toxic Green Baby Toys

Avoid toxins by steering clear of cheap plastic baby toys in favor of baby toys made from natural materials. Here are several tried-and-true favorites sure to keep your baby engaged.