Green Baby & Childcare

Learn all you need to know about raising your baby and your children as organically and naturally as possible. It’s all about cutting back on waste, choosing natural, safer methods of childcare and teaching your kids to be responsible citizens and stewards of the environment. Look here for everything from info on cloth diapers to tips for teaching your children about sustainability to green gifts for teenagers. Raise your family the green way!

Non Toxic Car Seats and Strollers

It has been estimated that over 40% of infant car seats and strollers contain high levels of unsafe chemicals that can lead to serious health issues and have a detrimental effect on our environment. The following non-toxic car seats and strollers are a better choice for the future of our children.

Non-Toxic Co-Sleepers for Baby

Many believe that a baby’s health starts with a good night sleep, but some fail to consider the importance of where that sleep takes place. Choosing a non-toxic co-sleeper could be a step in the right direction to giving baby a safe, healthy start not only to their days, but to their lives.

Make Naptimes Safe with a Non-Toxic Daycare Nap Mat

Naptimes at your child’s daycare can be made sweeter and safer by choosing non-toxic, organic nap mats. The nap mats are made of PVC-free materials that are organic or natural and safe for toddlers. Here is more on why natural day care nap mats are better, how are they made and where to find them.

Non-Toxic Baby Powder: How It’s Made and Where To Find It

Do concerns and warnings about talc in baby powder have you looking for a non-toxic alternative? If yes, this guide to non-toxic baby powder provides you with information about the potential risks of talc, the ingredients that are used in safer powders, and some safe powder products that you can pur

Non-toxic Kids Makeup with Homemade Alternatives

At some point in life, most kids encounter the need or desire to wear makeup, such as dressing up for a favorite holiday, an afternoon of being a princess, or starring in the school play. Put your concerns at ease about the safety of makeup by following these tips on non-toxic kids makeup.

Use a Lead Test For Toys to Pinpoint Hidden Lead Dangers

For years lead has been used in paints and other products in the home. Concern over lead in children’s toys has caused parents to wonder how to test for lead themselves. Toy testing products are available on the market and can be used to ease parents’ minds about any potential dangers in toys.

Finding Green and Baby Safe Detergents

Finding a green and baby safe laundry detergent is important to all new parents trying to live in a greener way. Here we take a look at two of the best Eco-friendly and baby safe detergents that are on the market today.