Idea to Upcycle a Record: Upcycle a Vintage Record Album Into a Decorative Clock

Items Needed for Crafting an Upcycled Record Clock

Old 33 rpm record album

Clock works for 1/4 inch surface thickness


Assorted papers-scrapbook paper, old letters, sheet music, gift wrap and wallpaper

Mod Podge

Paint brush


Decorative stencils or stamps to match your theme

Gold metallic acrylic paint

Stencil brush

Make-up wedge sponge

Charms, old buttons, typewriter keys or game pieces

Needle nose pliers

Craft glue

Drill and 5/8 inch drill bit (optional)

Steps for Crafting an Upcycled Record Clock

Step 1

Check the diameter of the hole in the center of the album. It should be big enough to insert the shaft of the clock through. If it is not, you will need to drill the hole to 5/8 inch.

Step 2

Tear a variety of papers, you would like for your clock face, about the size of your palm. Place the paper you are tearing on a flat surface and set your left hand on it. Tear the edges by pulling the paper toward you with your right hand. This will look like you have peeled the top layer of the paper along the edges, giving it an antique look.

Step 3

Apply Mod Podge adhesive to one side of the record album. This will be the front of your clock. Apply Mod Podge to the backs of the torn papers and lay them adhesive size down in the Mod Podge on the album. Layer each piece, covering the entire surface. Smooth the papers to remove wrinkles and bubbles.

Step 4

Arrange your decorative stencil on the surface of the album, or determine where you would like to stamp your designs. If stenciling, dib your stencil brush in gold metallic paint and scrub it into a paper towel until most of the paint has been removed. This will prevent excess paint from seeping under the stencil. Pounce the brush on the stencil and repeat if desired.

If using a stamp, dip a make-up wedge sponge in the gold paint and dab it on the stamp. This will prevent paint from getting in between the raised areas on your stamp and causing a glob on your clock surface. Stamp as desired. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 5

Apply gold metallic paint to the edge of the record using the make-up wedge sponge. Allow the paint to dry. Seal the entire surface with a layer of Mod Podge. Allow the Mod podge to dry. Note: The Mod Podge will go on milky, but will dry clear.

Step 6

Insert the point of your scissors into the center hole of the album to open it. Insert the shaft of the clock works through the hole and assemble the clock and hands according to the instructions on the package. Most clock works have a built in hanger, so adding one is not needed.

Step 7

Choose charms, buttons, typewriter keys or game pieces to mark the hours on your clock. If using buttons or items with a protrusion on the back, clip it off using the cutting edge of needle nose pliers. Apply craft glue to the backs of the markers and place around the record a 1/2 inch from the edge. Allow the glue to dry.

More Upcycled Record Clock Ideas

Use leftover wallpaper to coordinate a clock to a room's decor.

A teen idol poster on the face of a record will create art for a teen's room, as well as function.

Use scrapbook paper to create a quilt design on your record clock face as a wonderful addition to country decor.