Reasons to Never Use “Virgin” Paper

The small steps people take to help the environment add up over the years to major help for our planet. One way to begin to work to protect the environment is to vow to never again use “virgin” paper. Virgin paper is paper that has just been created from trees. Virgin paper is the cause for too much destruction of forests. The more virgin paper is used the more trees are cut down causing the destruction of habitats for wildlife.

The birds need the trees to nest in. The animals need the trees to provide shelter and protection from the sun. It is crucial that people work to protect the trees on this planet. One simple way to do that is to use recycled paper only. Do not buy virgin paper and do not use virgin paper.

Recycled paper’s quality has increased greatly in recent years. It is no longer a sacrifice to use recycled paper. Its feel and weight is similar to virgin paper.

Companies and individuals waste vast amounts of virgin paper every day. Endless memos on trivial matters circulate companies; people use a whole sheet of paper to take down a phone number and then throw the sheet of paper away. Also, people use paper for letters when it would be easier and better for the environment to change to a paper free office that uses email instead of letters.

Buy Recycled Paper

Buy only recycled paper. Stores like Staples sell recycled paper in many different colors and weights.

Reuse Junk Mail Envelopes as Scrap Paper

Save junk mail envelopes and flyers and use them as scrap paper. Never throw out any paper that has blank space. Reuse junk mail so it is not a total waste of virgin paper resources. Ask friends and relatives to start reusing their junk mail as scrap paper too.

Make Your Own Paper

Create your own paper using a paper mold and boiling down scrap paper, newspaper, and other paper sources to create new paper. Add a little food dye to the mix to make colored papers. Why pay money for writing paper when you can create pretty writing paper at home?

Never Throw Out Paper that Could be Reused

If you are done with a book rip out the back blank page to use as scrap paper and then donate the book to a thrift shop. If you have writing paper you don’t like donate it. Do not ever throw out a new paper product that someone else could use. Too much paper ends up in dumps when it could be used. Don’t squander the paper that was created by cutting down trees.

Recycle All Paper Products

Donate books and magazines to thrift shops or give them to friends. These items were made with virgin paper typically so ensure they are well used before they end up in the dump. Also, cut off the picture section of holiday cards and use it the next year as a post card or donate it to schools for the art classes to use in projects. Another idea is to create notepads or journals out of scrap paper by using a hole punch to add holes and then putting the paper into a binder or using staples to affix it together.