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How to Have a Green Easter Egg Hunt

written by: Darlene Zagata•edited by: Niki Fears•updated: 4/14/2009

Green living can be extended into every aspect of your life including family holiday celebrations. Give your kids more than just candy this Easter. Give them an Easter egg hunt that’s fun, healthy and eco-friendly.

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    Reuse those Plastic Eggs

    What do kids love most about Easter? Well, if it isn’t the basket filled with lots of chocolate goodies then it’s the thrill of the hunt - the Easter egg hunt, that is. Children love searching for those little plastic eggs filled with more goodies. If you already have a bunch of those different colored plastic eggs, by all means use them. If you plan on buying some of them, don’t throw them away after Easter. Keep them and reuse them next year.

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    Alternative Holders

    If you don’t have any plastic eggs and don’t plan on buying any, consider alternative ways to house goodies for the hunt. You can make your own containers by cutting the egg holder portions from an egg carton. Be sure to cut specifically along the partitions so as not to cut into the part that holds the egg. Place Easter candy or other goodies inside, then place on a piece of colored crepe paper. Fold the paper up around the egg container and tie with a piece of ribbon or yarn. If you have leftover crepe paper and/or ribbon from previous holidays or birthdays, you’ve just found another use for it.

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    Candy Substitutes

    Most children get more than enough candy and chocolate on Easter. Fill your eggs with other alternatives instead. Fill eggs with various denominations of money, usually one dollar bills and quarters or even a few dimes, nickels and pennies. You can also use small toys such as a bouncy ball, small plastic toy figures, cars, hair accessories for girls, rings, etc. Don't forget healthy snacks like raisins. Use your imagination. You can probably think of several other items.

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    End the Hunt with A Prize

    Give a prize for the most eggs found but so no one feels left out, give all the kids a prize for participation. Easter coloring books, crayons, puzzles and books make economical and fun prizes that will entertain the children after the Easter egg hunt is over. They also come in handy if it happens to rain.