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How to Reuse Empty Dog Food Bags

written by: L.Romano•edited by: Lindsay Evans•updated: 10/20/2010

Reusing the empty dog food bags is better for the environment and can save you some money.

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    When you buy bags of dry dog food, you most likely toss the bags out without a second thought. However, they can be surprisingly useful to keep around your home. Consider trying one of the several ways that you can reuse these bags instead of throwing them out. Before reusing any dog food bag, make sure to completely clean it out and let it dry thoroughly.

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    Put them on the floor if you are training a puppy

    If you open a few dog food bags and put them flat on the floor it can prevent your puppy's bodily fluid from leaking through onto the floor beneath it. Considering that many dog food bags have an inner plastic lining, you can easily wipe the bag off if you are in a rush to get it clean. However, if the bag has no plastic lining, you will need to change it immediately.

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    Use the bags to hold large or heavy items

    Considering the size of the extra large dog food bags and how much weight they can hold, you can use the bags to hold your large, and sometimes heavy, items. For example, use a couple bags to transport presents from one location to another on holidays or use them to keep your beach items organized in the car during a beach trip. You can also use the bags to organize bunches of items such as wrapping materials or items you are keeping to give to a charity. The bags are so durable that they will most likely be able to hold under the pressure.

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    Use an empty dog food bag under dirty shoes

    Instead of having dirty shoes damage your floors inside your home or on your porch outside, put the shoes on an empty dog food bag. The bags can protect the flooring underneath shoes from getting dirty, scratched, or stained. It is much easier to brush off the bag after the dirt has dried then to try to scrub the floor clean.

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    Store dirty items

    Before placing dirty items on a surface where the dirt, grime or grease can transfer, put them in a old dog food bag. Considering the bags are typically lined, it will prevent anything from seeping through. They are especially useful in the garage for greasy rags or car parts or while transporting dirty items from one location to another.

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    Transport wet items

    When you come back from the pool or beach, your clothes may be wet and dripping so instead of putting them in a nice duffel bag or on car seats, place them in the old dog food bag. As long as there is a lining inside, the water won't leak through the bag. After you take them out, leave the bags open to air dry so they don't get moldy and smell.

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    While old dog food bags may not seem like something to keep, they can be one of the most useful items to have. Keep one or two in your car, another one in the garage and a few in the house. They will even fold up relatively small for easy storage.

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