Simple Ways to Reuse Terra Cotta Pots: Use Old Gardening Pots for Organization, Candle Holders & More

If you are a fan of gardening or just greenery in general, you probably have a few terra cotta pots lying around your home. While many of your pots are probably in use, there are most likely a few that you are considering tossing out, especially if they have seen years of use. Instead of throwing them into the trash, consider trying one of the ways that you can reuse these terra cotta pots and give them a second life.

Use terra cotta pots to help create a bug free area

During the spring and summer months, bugs can be a huge nuisance. Instead of just dealing with them, turn your terra cotta pot into a useful item to help keep them away from you. Fill it with rocks, and then stick in a single citronella stick. After you light it, it can help keep the bugs away from you for hours while you sit outside.

Use terra cotta pots to help feed the birds

While many people put out birdseed and stale bread to feed their local birds, it can look like quite a mess if you just put it on the ground. Instead of letting your backyard look like a complete mess, consider putting the food in a large terra cotta pot in your backyard. The pot can hold the food for the birds and it could look much nicer then looking at a pile of leftover bread and seeds.

Use terra cotta pots to hold your extra garden supplies

Someone who loves greenery and gardening can accumulate quite a bit of gardening supplies, everything from extra planters and shovels to seeds and gloves. Instead of haphazardly putting them on a porch or in a cabinet, consider putting them in your leftover terra cotta pots. The larger ones can hold quite a bit of your items, so it can be easy to keep everything in one place. In addition, you can find some with nice designs on them, so they can even add to the décor of your porch.

Before you get rid of those old, and maybe slightly damaged, terra cotta pots, consider reusing them around your home or in your garden. Not only do you help the environment, but also you can save yourself some money in the process.