Online Bill Pay: A Benefit to You and the Environment

While you may be comfortable paying your bills by check and sending it out through the mail, there is a green option to consider. Online bill pay is a good alternative to mailing your payments out when your bills are due. It may not only be easier for you, but it is also more eco-friendly and could even save you some money.

How Does it Work?

Online bill pay is exactly what it sounds like; you pay your bills online via your bank or through the website of the company that the bill is going to. If people rely on sending checks through the mail in order to get their bills paid, this can create a lot of extra paper waste. The paper check has to be put in a paper envelope, and a paper stamp has to be attached. If each person pays about five bills a month that’s a lot of unnecessary garbage and quite a bit of it could end up in the landfill.

What are the Benefits?

Online bill pay could also save you some money. Not only do you save on the cost of envelopes, checks and postage, but you may also have a better chance of getting your bills paid on time. Late fees could be fairly large depending on the company that you’re dealing with. When you send a check, you’re relying on it to get through the postal system and where it needs to go by the bill’s due date. When you pay bills online, your bill could be paid within days and, in some cases, within hours. You could also print screen the online receipt and get a confirmation number so you have proof that you paid it.

When you pay your bills online, you don’t have to worry about all of the paper waste from checks and envelopes nor do you have to think about spending the extra money for what it takes to send a check. Instead of having to get the envelope out and hope it arrives to the company on time, you can pay the bill online any time, day or night. Online bill pay is a much more environmentally friendly option that you may want to consider trying next time you have a bill due.