DIY Boot Dryer – Save Money and Have Dry Feet

There’s nothing as bad as getting into cold and damp boots, right in the morning. Given the high cost of electric boot dryers, keeping your boots warm and dry seems too far fetched a dream for most people. However, if you’re ready to put in some effort we have here a DIY boot dryer project. To get started you’ll need some basic things and a bit of carpentry skills. And if you are very creative, you may be able to bring heat from a source inside your housee to cycle through your boot dryer, instead of a hair dryer or fan.

Things Needed to Make Your Own Boots Dryer

While this list doesn’t require anything that will be too difficult to get, you can always use some alternatives as long as they solve the basic purpose.

  1. A wooden box with a floor area of about two feet by one foot on the inside, and which is six inches more than the height of your boots or shoes. This will accommodate two pairs of shoes, so you can use a bigger box if you’ll be using it to dry more than two pairs of boots at a time.
  2. PVC pipe (about 1 inch thick)
  3. A small fan or an old hair dryer
  4. A wooden board that is the size of the inside floor of the wooden box.
  5. A few 4 inch wide wood or ply board strips.
  6. The rest of the things you’ll need are – nails, a drill to cut holes in the wood, a saw, and such other carpentry tools.

Steps for Making your DIY Boot Dryer

Here are the easy steps to help you build your own homemade boot dryer using these materials.

  1. Using the 4 inch wooden strips,fasten them to the bottom of the side walls of the wooden box. This will be a resting platform for the wooden board to be inserted inside the box.
  2. Cut the PVC pipe into four pieces, each 8 inches in length. If your boots are taller you can use longer lengths. Make some random holes on the bottom four inches of each of these pipe pieces. The holes just need to be wide enough so that a pen or a pencil can be inserted into them. Also, make similar holes on en on to the top 2-3 inches of these pieces.
  3. Take the wooden board and cut four holes in it, each one wide enough to hold the PVC pipes. The four holes need to be made in a zig-zag manner as shown in the image below. This placement of holes will make it easier to place your shoes in the boots dryer.
    Holes Made in the Wooden Board
  4. Next, depending on whether you’re using a small fan or a hair dryer, cut out a hole wide enough to accommodate either, in one of the walls of the wooden box. This hole must be in the bottom four inches of the wall.
  5. Place the wooden board inside the box and let it rest on the wooden strips that you had nailed along the bottom of the walls. Insert the PVC pipes into the holes on the wooden board. If you’ve cut the holes right the pipes will fit in snugly, if not use some PVC sealant to keep the pipes sturdy. The image below shows a cross sectional view of how the finished DIY boots dryer will look.
    Cross-Sectional View of the DIY Boots Dryer
  6. Cut out two exhaust holes near the top end of one of the walls. Ideally the exhaust holes should be cut in the walls opposite the wall on which the fan or the dryer will be installed. This will help in proper circulation of the air when you switch on your homemade boots dryer. In the image below dotted arrows show how air will circulate inside the boots dryer.
    Air Flow Inside the Boots Dryer
  7. Finally, fix in the fan or the hair dryer in position and your boots dryer is ready for use. To use it hang your shoes (upside down) on the PVC pipes, close the lid of the wooden box and turn on the fan or the hair dryer.

It’s as easy as that to make your own boots dryer, and making it will cost you just a small fraction of the money you would have had to pay for buying one.



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All Images Created by – Sidharth Thakur