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Have you ever wondered how to recycle a computer or a cell phone? Find tips on recycling everything from glass to electronics, as well as how to turn your leftover food products into a kitchen compost bin. Make your life environmentally friendly by buying organic and natural clothes and beauty products, learning simple energy saving tips, and finding advice on buying organic and fair trade products. If you’re able to start your eco-friendly home from the ground up find articles on green building, construction and design such as building solar panels in the roof! Also find tips and tricks on natural pet care, organic gardening and recipes for natural cleaning products and insecticides.
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Can You Grind Grain With a DIY Grain Mill?

Freshly baked loaves of homemade bread from the oven gives your home an aroma that can’t be beat. Spending time making the bread is worth every minute when you are finally able to bite into that first piece, butter oozing off the sides. Make bread better when you grind your own flour too!

Learn How to Use a Stump Grinder Safely & Effectively

Stump grinders are an economical way remove tree stumps that are in the way or that are unsightly. A stump grinder is easy to rent, and easy to use. It is critical, however, to use the machine correctly and safely to avoid damaging the grinder or hurting yourself. Learn how to use a stump grinder.

How to Make Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer

Growing organic plants hydroponically at home doesn’t have to involve having a degree in chemistry or some huge fancy set-up. Once you’ve gotten your hydroponic started the only maintenance necessary is keeping nutrients flowing.

Low Cost Housing is Also Environmentally Friendly

Low cost housing can lead to more people being able to live in better conditions than the slums that a vast majority of urban population in cities around the world seems to have to contend with. This can definitely help to improve the quality of life.

How to Get Rid of Duckweed

Duckweed (Lemna minor) can cover an entire pond in a matter of days under the right conditions. Removing duckweed without the aid of chemicals is tricky and involves a homeopathic approach that treats the entire pond watershed area, but it can be done.

Wood Stove Repair and Maintenance Tips

Several types of wood stoves are used in the home as water heaters, room heaters and for cooking. The modern stoves have automatic electronic control systems that are best maintained by a qualified engineer. However, there are quite a few other components that can be maintained by the homeowner.

Biodegradable Sealable Bags

Think of all the lunch and snack bags we have used for our kids lunches over the years and their short-term use; most are tossed away in less than 12 hours of use. Those millions of bags in a landfill will take hundreds of years to break down while biodegradable bags will take three to six months.

How to Make Plastic Swimming Pool Gardens

Save a leaky plastic pool for use in your garden during the next planting season. Wash it, allow it to dry and store it out of the way until needed. Use it to create a plastic swimming pool garden once it has been prepared for such, and the pool will not take up space in a landfill somewhere.

DIY: Wood Fired Oven Construction Plan

Have you been putting off your plans for building a wood fired baking oven, just because you’re not sure how to go about it? Follow this illustrative guide and you’ll soon have a marvel to admire, right there in your background.

Are Old Fire Extinguishers Recyclable? Learn the Facts

A fire extinguisher is a valuable appliance that no home should be without. However, the question becomes what to do with a fire extinguisher when you need to get rid of an old one. Can it be recycled or reused? Learn your options for dealing with an older or discharged fire extinguisher.

Is Compostable Kitty Litter OK for the Environment?

There are more than 88 million pet cats in the USA alone, producing in excess of two million tons of cat litter that is dumped in landfills across the country annually. Compostable kitty litter can reduce the impact of our feline friends on the environment, if basic heath issues are heeded.

Crochet Hair Net Pattern Tutorial

Round up your favorite crochet hook and a crochet thread in your favorite color, settle into your couch, then begin crocheting your own hair net. Even if you are a beginner at crochet, you can quickly learn how to complete the mesh stitch.

Repurposing an Old Drawer

Upcycling is a way to recycle products so they do not go to waste. An old drawer can be upcycled in numerous ways, and will give you a container for storing any number of items after it has been refurbished.

Biodegradable and Edible Dinnerware

Edible dinnerware was born out of necessity in Medieval times and has evolved into an art form in modern days. The beauty of edible dinnerware is that once thrown into the garbage it won’t take up space in the landfill for very long. Or you can add it to the compost heap to enrich the soil.