Tips that will help make your computing more environmentally friendly

It isn’t easy being green. Here you will find practical tips and advice about how to reduce the environmental impact of your computer operations. Experts and professionals share their tricks for easy ways to cut back and reduce the amount of waste and energy loss at your workplace. The biggest secret is going green in your office will not only help the environment, but save you money too!

A Guide to Cloud Computing and Data Quality

Cloud computing uses remote servers for storage of data and all computing processes. Data quality, therefore, becomes a primary requirement and administrators should address this aspect before deciding on a cloud computing vendor. Learn the importance of cloud computing and effective data quality.

What is Grid Computing and How Does It Work?

Grid computing is the next step in the evolution of networking. As efficiency and speed become important criteria, computational grids have emerged as a viable alternative to maximizing processing resources. This article takes a look at the definition of grid computing, and how it works.

How to Recycle Old Printers

If you want to be green and would like to recycle your old printer rather than sending it to the landfill, read on. Recycling old printers is very convenient nowadays, thanks to the awareness created by manufacturers and environment specialists.

Understanding the European WEEE directive

Have you been hearing anything recently about the European WEEE Directive? At first they may sound like something gaming related, but they are not. They are really about how to dispose of electrical and electronic appliances with minimum impact on the environment. Anyway, here’s a closer look.

How to Save Energy with Your Computer

Computers can use a lot of energy, but the amount of energy can be significantly reduced. With a few simple strategies the yearly power use of a computer can be cut by over 50%. In this article I detail these strategies and how to implement them.

Eco-Friendly Laptops

Laptops do create carbon footprints, consuming electrical power and contributing to ecological problems such as dumping of toxic components. There are some simple ways of making the entire laptop experience more eco-friendly.