Tips that will help make your computing more environmentally friendly

It isn’t easy being green. Here you will find practical tips and advice about how to reduce the environmental impact of your computer operations. Experts and professionals share their tricks for easy ways to cut back and reduce the amount of waste and energy loss at your workplace. The biggest secret is going green in your office will not only help the environment, but save you money too!

Pros and Cons of Going Paperless

Next to all those piles of paper you have in your office, can you even breathe? Despite all those promises about paperless offices, it seems that people have never printed as much as they do now. This article is an overview of the most important pros and cons of going paperless.

Understanding the Concepts of Green Computing

Green computing is in the news a lot and is often a buzzword at trade shows and sales meetings, but what does the term “green computing” really mean? Here we look at the essential concepts involved with green computing to help readers differentiate between hype and reality.

Free Online Storage Comparison – Pick Your Favorite

Do you regularly backup files and folders stored on your computer? If you don’t because you have no time or desire to burn backup DVDs, you should consider using a free online storage service. Earth will also say thanks; online storage eliminates the need for paper and optical medium significantly.

How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint Part 1 of 2

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. All individuals and organizations generate carbon footprints in the normal course of things, but the increasing strain on the earth’s resources make reducing carbon footprints imperative. Find out ways on how to offset your carbon footprint.

Disadvantages of Grid Computing Described

Over the last few years, grid computing has found its place in numerous scientific projects, has been adopted by numerous governments, and has been widely used for commercial projects. Despite the benefits of the concept, grid computing has some disadvantages, which are discussed in this article.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

We take a look at the new technology of cloud storage, by firstly finding out exactly what it is. We then learn about the pros and cons of cloud storage. If you need some hosting take a look at this new method of doing it!

Learn How to Convert a PC into a Thin Client

Thin clients have the advantage of higher security, lower maintenance, centralized administration and reduced cost. Companies that have a PC network already in place have options that allow them to convert PCs into thin client devices to take advantage of a new thin client network.