News and information about green software

Is your software environmentally friendly? In this topic, you will find news and information which will help you to reduce your impact on the environment by choosing green software.

What Are the Benefits of a Paperless Application?

Paperless applications are gaining popularity. Before adding paperless applications to your office, you may be wondering what the benefits of a paperless application are and why you should consider using paperless organizations in your organization. Learn about paperless applications here.

A Look at Green IT and Sustainability

The Brundtland definition of sustainable development, which was formulated in 1987, spawned hundreds of different interpretations. There are now as many different understandings of sustainable development as there are horses. What is the true relationship between green IT and sustainability?

Cloud Computing versus SaaS

Cloud computing is using software that is available with web browsers and is therefore very highly scalable. SaaS is software that is owned, managed and delivered by SaaS providers who allow users access to it on a pay-per-use basis

How to Reuse and Recycle E-Waste

E-waste items are electric and electronic devices and parts that have been discarded. E-waste has become a serious problem worldwide. You can help by reusing and recycling your unwanted electronics in a responsible way.

What is Poken and How Does it Work?

Poken is an amazing new creation that will end the use of business cards in a social settings. Cute little gadgets allow you to “shake hands” with new people and give them your <> in an instant.