Reviews of Leading Green Computing Products

In this topic, you will find reviews of products that will help you compute in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Finding Green Technology Books

Green technology books are a great way to learn more than just technical tips. Many titles in this growing field deal with green living and green entrepreneurship, which in turn can help you adapt environmentally-friendly habits in many areas of your life.

Ecofont Review: Save Ink Using an Eco-Friendly Font

If you’re searching for solutions on how you can cut down on your printing costs, Ecofont™ is regarded as a cost-effective typeface. Still, one has to weigh the font’s advantages and disadvantages, before deciding on its features and output as the best fit for one’s printing needs and purposes

Green Computing Strategy and Tools with Green IT Guide and Toolkit

Are you planning a Green IT initiative and don’t know where to begin? Do you need concrete information on what should be done, how to measure, communicate, and implement the changes? Terrabytes Green IT Guide and Toolkit may be just what you’ve been looking for.

VMware Workstation 6.5 Review

VMware introduces the latest version of their Workstation product, VMware Workstation 6.5. The latest features include support for Windows Vista, USB 2.0 devices, and support for multiple monitors. There are many more reasons green computing users should check this out, as you’ll see in this review

Edison Verdiem Review: Free Energy Management Software for Your PC

Verdiem Corporation is a Seattle-based energy management company that specializes in correlating PC energy usage to the specific patterns of the consumer. Its free Edison software for Windows XP and Vista can give users impressive energy and dollar savings with easy, refined control settings.

Computer Power Saver Software: Faronics Power Save Review

Need an easy way to save on computer and energy costs? Faronics Power Save is an exceptional way to manage energy savings, total cost of ownership of computers and receive a return on your investment in a short period of time.

Userful – Managed Desktops Done Right!

Need to save money in your organization? Userful software offers the ability to turn one computer into many. Organizations such as government agencies, libraries, internet cafes or your training and conference rooms can benefit from this software. Userful lowers your IT administration overhead.