Green Computing Incentives and Initiatives

News and information about current green computing incentives and initiatives.

Can Solar Panels Power a Computer Lab?

Can photovoltaic solar panels power a computer lab? Of course they can. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells convert electricity directly into electrical energy. (Solar cells are a different type of technology from active solar collectors which give heat, not electricity).

Examples of Grid Computing Projects

Grid Computing is still a new concept in computing. Applications requiring huge computational power becoming more prolific, and grids are the only viable solution. Let’s look at some examples of grid computing, and applications where they could make a difference.

Overseas or Local Green IT Certification

A green IT certification sets apart the business that recognizes its community commitment and takes it seriously from one contented to do business as usual. Certification courses and exams enable the business delegate to play an instrumental role in shaping greening company policies and strategies.

Understanding Green Computing Definitions and Terms

The goal of green computing is simple: reduction in the use of harmful materials, maximize energy efficiency, and promote recyclability. Here, we discuss the concept of green computing and its core ideals in detail, including what it is, why it’s needed and some ideas for the future.

Surfing on internet with green initiatives

Many initiatives have been taken to make the entire web surfing experience more green, i.e. eco-friendly. It may sound a bit strange to the uninitiated but being an environmentalist even while surfing the Internet is actually possible. In fact, most web surfers can do it.

Cloud Computing in 2009

Cloud Computing in 2009 would be one niche that everyone, right from a programmer to an online business architect, would look forward to. This article throws some light on some talked-about status of cloud computing in the year 2009.

EPA Plug-In To eCycling Program

This United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recycling program is geared towards used electronics and gadgets. As green computing initiatives continue to “sprout up” in the information technology realm, government programs such as this are a great option for recycling your old gadgets.