Green Computing Hardware – Reviews of Energy Efficient Desktops, Laptops & More

If your striving to make your computing experience a green one come here to find news on the latest products and reviews on energy efficient hardware. Laptops, desktops, printers, speakers, projectors and more all may be neccessary in your office. How can you be sure you’re getting the best and most eco-freindly product possible? Do your research here at Bright Hub’s Green Computing Channel, helping you make more environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions.

Understanding Problems with Using Thin Clients

Problems with using thin clients exist that can frustrate the deployment of thin clients in the business environment. By preparing for those problems in advance, however, companies can make sure that their move to thin client computing is one that facilitates rather than limits their mission.

Building a Green Computer Network: By the Numbers

Building a green computer network serves the interests of business and the environment. By minimizing staff, consolidating hardware, purchasing responsibly, and educating the workforce, IT managers can comply with environmental requirements while contributing to the corporate bottom line.

Prospects for Solar Powered Laptop Computers

Batteries on a laptop can be recharged using solar energy, thus making the computer environmentally friendly. Setting up the arrays which convert the solar energy to the required electricity can be cumbersome. Newer techniques that make arrays more portable have solved this problem to some extent.

Thin Client History – Modern IT Has Come Full Circle

Original thin clients were used to provide multiuser access to mainframe computers via serial connections. Now they are fully functional terminals, barely distinguishable from a standard PC in performance. Here is an overview of thin client history that highlights development of this important tool.

What Constitutes an Energy Efficient Hard Drive?

If your business requires the use of more than a single hard drive or you’re simply data-hungry, make sure your hard drives are energy efficient.This article takes a closer look at Western Digital Caviar Green 3.0 Gb-s & the technologies in place to lessen power consumed during read/write functions.

Building a Green Home Server: The Right Components

Building a green home server requires careful consideration of the components being used. Home servers are often kept on and at idle for long periods of time, so lower power consumption is extremely important. This guide to building a green home server will help you pick the right components.