Green Hardware and Software Buying Guides

As Kermit said, "It isn’t easy being green." Part of what makes it so hard is that finding green products can be extremely difficult. Bright Hub makes it easier for you to be green by supplying a series of plain English buyer guides and reviews that will help you choose environmentally friendly hardware, laptops, desktops, software and other computing accessories.

5 Best Solar Bags for the On-The-Go Executive

A solar bag is one of the most convened ways to charge a laptop while you are on the go. You’re going to be placing it in a bag to transport it anyhow, why not use this time to give it a bit of juice? Here, we at Bright Hub give you the top five bags currently on the market.

Buying Guide: Top 5 Solar Panel Backpacks

Want to go green by purchasing a new backpack? These shoulder bags have the space, compartments and all the extra features you want in a bag, but the best part is how environmentally friendly they can be and are a way to show-off your go green style! Find five top picks here.

Top 5 Solar Power Computer Chargers

Most of the solar power computer chargers that are advertised today are ultra portable laptop chargers that claim to be all that you need when in reality most fall short in either charge rate or capacity. This is not the case with stationary solar charging systems.

A Review of the Top 5 Green PC Cases

Everyone’s going green and surfing on a cloud, but what about the personal computer? Are there any green PC cases out there that are not only great looking but really eco-friendly? Jean Scheid takes a look at the top five green PC casemods.

Journal on Green IT by Microsoft

In a laudable effort to offer datacenter architects some valuable guidance to make the datacenters greener, Microsoft has dedicated the Issue 18 of its ‘Architecture Journal’ entirely to green computing.