Green Laptop Battery: HP Enviro

New Enviro Series Notebook Battery


In their commitment to green computing, Hewlett Packard has developed a set of longer lasting batteries called the Enviro Series Notebook Battery through Boston Power. After a development term of three years, the batteries have been released on the open market for online purchase in early March 2009 with retail store purchase to begin at the end of the month.

The green ideal behind the Enviro comes from its longer lasting power capabilities. Use of the Enviro over the long term will cut down the need for notebook users to constantly upgrade to get greater sustainable power. The batteries also come with a three-year warranty and will fit eighteen of HP’s current laptops which include most Pavilion and HDX series computers.

Standard laptop batteries begin to lose performance after 100-150 charges, where the Enviro batteries claim the ability to be charged over 1,000 times and still offer the laptop user the same performance as when the battery was new. The base of the Enviro’s power lies within the use of Boston Power’s Sonata lithium-ion battery cells which is what enables the higher level of performance over an indefinite amount of usage.

Another difference in sustainability with the Enviro batteries comes from their manufacturing. Standard batteries are made from a combination of harmful environmental materials such as PVC and heavy metals all of which Boston Power has refused to implement in the batteries manufacturing.

Currently, this lithium ion battery technology is the first to be both Nordic Ecolable and Chinese EPA certified based on stricter environmentally sustainable guidelines than that of the United States.

The Enviro currently retails for $149.99 which includes the three-year warranty. For more information on Boston Power’s developing projects and HP’s green technology distribution check out the following web sites: and