Tera Stack: Green Data Storage for Less

About Tera Stack

We have all seen them. Rooms the size of janitor’s closets devoted to data storage. We see them in hospitals, security companies and other large firms. In a world where space, cost and energy consumption are on the minds of everyone, Hie Electronics has developed a sophisticated data storage system to ease our ailing planet as well as company finances. The Tera Stack Solution is ideal for large storage situations for less cost than conventional storage systems. Green engineering and architectural giant HKS INC. recently purchased this storage devise.

The Tera Stack brags 50 terabytes that can be used for online, long term and video archiving. This, claims the companies website, is ideal for medical records or security firms looking to expand their data storage and improve the resolution quality of their stored data. An optical system that uses blue-ray discs does not, says the company, crash. Optical systems take up less room and do not require a support system. The Tera Stack appears to be the size of a filing cabinet, so the days of devoting precious space to a computer are over. Best of all Hie claims that the Tera Stack will cost almost ten time less then conventional data storage.

Green Storage Solutions

So what makes it green? According to the EPA 2% of the electric grid is devoted to data storage. According to Hie the Tera Stack uses about as much electricity as a PC. "The physical footprint of the Tera Stack Solution is only 1/4 rack in size and requires the same amount of electricity as a personal computer – eliminating the space, power and hard disk drive recycling requirements typical of major data storage arrays." Rod Lanham, IT Director at HKS INC. told Business Wire in April. The Hie website provides a number of "white papers" that rationalize why the Tera Stack is a sound investment. These pamphlets can be read on-line or can be ordered through the company.

Tera Stack offers high quality storage, long-term archiving and leaves little to no carbon foot print. This is one corporate investment that will last long after you retire.