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There are a great variety of MP3 Players, video players and digital walkman on the market from Ematic, Coby, Archos and many other brands. Read reviews, find the cheapest MP3 player, or one with special features to perfectly suit your lifestyle! Also find tips, tricks and tutorials for better use, how-to articles and other news and info.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Bargain MP3 Players for Holiday 2011

Are you looking to replace an outdated MP3 player? Does your battery not hold up for more than a couple of hours, or worse, is your flash drive so small it can’t hold more than 100 songs? Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best bargain MP3 players just in time for Christmas.

Looking Under the Hood: How Does an MP3 Player Work?

MP3 players are one of the most widely used electronic devices in the world, playing music and video while accomplishing many other tasks as well. There are also many different music files you may have seen and wonder what they mean. Wonder no more as we show you the inner workings of an MP3 player.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Review

The Samsung Galaxy 50 has a lot of features, but it also has some faults. Samsung is trying to position this device as the next iPod. How does it compare to the Apple device, and do the faults mean that you should skip buying this media player?

5 Best MP3 Player with Camera Feature Launched in 2011

While the concept of providing the capability to take photographs with your music player may be new to many people, there are several of these devices that rate as the best mp3 player with camera feature. Not all devices that claim photographic capabilities can in fact take good still photographs.

5 Best MP3 Players to Work Out With

As any fitness buff knows, music makes a workout much more enjoyable, and knowing the best MP3 players to work out with is a step in the right direction. While small size is likely the primary attribute to consider when choosing a workout MP3 player, durability is equally important.

Top 25 MP3 Players

This list of 25 high quality MP3 players compares 25 different MP3 players that are designed to fit specific needs. From iPods to waterproof MP3 devices, this is the definitive list of the best MP3 players available.