Using the iPod Touch's International Settings

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Since the iPod Touch is truly a pocket computer capable of organization, multiple applications, and internet communication features, it is important to keep it responsive to different types of users. The iPod Touch tends to be thought of as an American-centered device, though users from other countries are also part of the market. Here is a guide to some of the iPod Touch International Settings.

iPod Touch Settings

Start out by selecting the Settings option from your iPod Touch desktop. Go to the third section of the iPod Touch Settings and select General, which is right above Music. Inside the iPod Touch General Settings go to the bottom of the fifth section and select International, which is right under Keyboard.

iPod Touch Language

Inside the iPod Touch International Settings you are going to see a few different options, with Language selection at the top. The Language settings on your iPod Touch will likely be set to the default of English, but there are twenty languages and dialects you can choose from. Once you select a different language all aspects of the iPod Touch functionality, such as keyboards and internal features, will then be in that language. Applications and internet sites will not automatically change from English to the selected language.

iPod Touch Keyboard

Below the Language selection option in the iPod Touch International Settings will be Keyboards. In the iPod Touch International Keyboard Settings you will be able to select from different language specific keyboards. The first one, which is set to American default, is number “1” and is standard U.S. English. You also have the option to turn on thirty different options for different languages. Many different languages have different keyboards, such as Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional). There is also a difference in regional language differences, such as Portuguese from Portugal or Brazil.

iPod Touch Region Format

The bottom option in the iPod Touch International Settings will be for Region Format, which includes the date, time, and phone number formatting. There will be an example of Region Format right below the option to change it so that you have a visual of what that means. Again, you change the Region Format from the standard U.S. model to that of several dozen other countries and sub-options.