iPod Touch Tips: Browsing the Internet

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iPod Touch Internet Tips

One of the main features that separates the iPod Touch from other iPod’s that are video capable is its ability to go online. With Safari you do not even need to use an iPod Touch application. Here you can just browse the internet just as you on your home computer, though usually not quite as fast. Here are a few tips and tricks for browsing online on your iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Safari Tips

One thing that you have to note is that Safari on your iPod Touch is more responsive to the unique nature of the technology that you would expect. One of the standards, as you may know, is that you can zoom in or out by using two fingers and either stretching or shrinking the image.

An easier way to zoom in is to just double tap on what you want to go into. This will zoom in quickly and deeply, giving you an intense zoom. If you are looking toward the bottom of a long internet page and want to go back up to the address bar you can do this by just hitting the clock and battery image in the upper right hand corner.

Busting Out the Keyboard

All the text tricks are the same in the iPod Touch as well, so you can feel free to really use the keyboard in a similar way to your computer. An example of this is using the horizontal view for the keyboard when you have to type long bits of text in Safari.

When you are in the text location, whether it is an open text block or prompt, just turn your iPod Touch on its side and it will immediately correct itself because of the motion sensor response. Now the keyboard will be more complete and be much more intuitive to use.

Hyperlinks also work the same way in Safari on the iPod Touch as they do in regular internet browsing, but the trick is to tap it quickly. Just tap it lightly and fast and you will activate the link. If you hold your finger on it you will see the URL for that link pop up.

iPod Touch Battery Life

Battery life is still a major problem for the iPod Touch, as it is for the iPhone. If you are not using the internet you may want to turn off Wi-Fi altogether so that you can save battery life. This is only a small tip to save iPod Touch battery life, and you may want to employ other elements as well.