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All About The Apple iPod Power Adapter

written by: Leon Eardley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 6/28/2010

An Apple iPod adapter is used to charge an iPod’s battery from an external source like a power mains, car’s lighter socket, etc.

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    The Apple iPod Power Adapter

    Your iPod probably came wiPod USB Adapter ith an adapter, if not; you can easily find it on Apple’s online store or other online shops like

    The Apple iPod Power adapter comes with either a USB adapter or FireWire adapter. The USB adapter connects to a USB cable and the FireWire adapter is connected with a FireWire cable. Many iPods can be connected with either type of the adapter but you should make sure that each of these adapters have the right cable. For each different type of an iPod adapter, there is a different cable. For the USB adapter, USB to dock connector cable is used and for the Fire Wire adapter, FireWire to dock connector cable is used.

    The Apple Power Adapter for iPod has two parts:

    1. The A.C plug adapter

    2. The Power Adapter (as discussed above with USB or FireWire port)

    Input and Output Voltage

    The Apple Power adapter can switch to many different voltages and frequencies, such as

    • 100V to 240V
    • 50Hz to 60Hz
    • 26 V.A to 38V.A

    The output power of the Apple iPod Adapter is

    • 12V
    • 1.0A

    Charging an iPod with the Power Adapter

    In order to charge the iPod with an adapter, we need to follow these steps. First, plug-in one side of the USB or FireWire wire to the Power Adapter and other end to the iPod itself (if you have a USB/FireWire to Dock cable, use that instead). And finally plug the Power AdaApple iPod Power Adapter pter (as shown in the figure) into an electrical outlet.

    Disconnecting the AC plug Adapter

    In order to disconnect the AC plug adapter, first of all, place the Apple iPod Power Adapter in such a way that the Apple sign faces towards you. Then take out the A.C plug adapter from the power outlet while firmly holding the Power Adapter.


    Always use the Apple iPod Power Adapters with the iPods, adaptors for other devices can damage your iPod.