MP3 Players & iPods

MP3 players have evolved from clunky apparatus to store your digital music to sleek, highly-portable devices that can store thousands of media files, play music and video, store pictures and come with games, wi-fi access and radio stations. The most well known MP3 player may be Apple’s iPod but there are numerous other devices and brands to choose from. Bright Hub’s buying guides and reviews allow you to explore the many choices of MP3 players, digital walkman and media players available including Microsoft’s Zune, Sony and Sandisk players as well as Apple’s iPod.
In addition to reviews and tutorials on MP3 players, also find detailed information about the many accessories you can use with your media devices. Read reviews and find info on speakers, headphones, loading docks, car audio systems and other accessories compatible with your MP3 player! Bright Hub’s tips, guides and reviews will help you along the way!

Buying a Zune: Which version is best for me

The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPod. Now with such an array of functionality and dazzling features the Zune makes digital media come alive. But with so many different choices, deciding on a Zune can be a daunting task. Here’s some advice on which Zune you should buy, and why?