Media Sharing & Streaming: TV, Projector, PC – Video & Audio Media Streaming & Sharing

Home media technologies now enable us to enjoy almost cinema like quality right within our own homes. This is in large part because the media formats that can be shared and streamed today are much more seamless, high in signal quality, and interface across multiple platforms and networks. Whether it be audio or video being streamed over the internet, or a plug and play TV, DVD – Blu Ray combination with a high quality surround sound system, our home entertainment options are vast and offer a wonderfully complete home audio and video experience. In this topic we explore home media sharing devices and formats, configuration and connectivity. Reviewing the best in PC to TV, networking, DVD and Blu Ray, HDTV and satellite receivers. We also discuss the many ‘how-to’ questions that people ask, and provide troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you get the most from all of your home entertainment media devices.

Hulu Plus vs Netflix: Which Should You Pay For?

Netflix was a pioneer in the direct media delivery service industry and for several years was the only alternative to cable. Not so anymore. Hulu Plus has emerged as a strong competitor and has thrown its hat into ring to vie for the title of number one direct streaming video provider.

The Intersection of Web and TV

Whether you a new to streaming media to your home or a seasoned pro, we have a full guide that will help you get the most out of your networking set-up. We can walk you through a basic installation or help you tweak your PS3 so you get the absolute best picture and sound quality.

Review: Roku XD

With the price of cable going up and more programming on the Internet every day the idea of streaming video to your TV is becoming more appealing. There are a number of choices as big names get into the streaming market but the Roku XD is still one of the best choices even facing Apple and Google.