HTPC & Cablecard – Central Home Entertainment Units

There is no “standard description” for a home theater system. It might consist of many separate components – a large digital television or projector, DVD or Blu-ray playback, an A/V stereo receiver or amplifier and subwoofer. Each device having its own remote control and complex of interconnecting cables. What if you could combine many of these devices, add digital video recording, and use one remote to control the system from ten feet away? This is possible by using a PC as the heart of your audio/video home theater system. Here we discuss how HTPC and Cablecard can be used to heighten your home theater experience, simply (or maybe not so simply) by connecting up your PC and other home entertainment devices.

Cooler Master 360 Desktop PC Case Review: A Strange Layout

The Cooler Master 360 is a strange, but flexible. It can be rotated for use either horizontally or vertical, making it easier to find a place for it in a home theater. It is also a fairly subtle case, helping with home theater integration. But does it really have the chops for long-term use?