Understanding Home Theater: Home Entertainment history of, what is, how-to guides?

This is a beginner’s forum to the world of home entertainment and media in its various guises. Here we discuss the basics in home theater technology, concepts and terminology. Looking at such subjects as, what is the history of Blu Ray and digital media? What is the difference between analog and digital TV? What is IMAX? DLP? DVI? HDMI? We also provide help and guidance for those setting up a home entertainment center or individual composite parts such as a DVD player, surround sound system or satellite receiver.

Home Theater Gift Ideas

Whether you are shopping for a holiday, birthday or housewarming gift, if your recipient is a home theater fanatic, then you cannot go wrong with a practical or novel gift suited for that room. Following are some gift ideas to help you get started.

Home Theater Seating Ideas

When you go to a theater to watch a movie, you probably try to find the best possible place to sit. Why should your home theater be any different? Choose seating types and configurations that will allow you to sit comfortably and have an unobstructed view.

Home Theater Accessories

There is more to creating the ideal home theater than simply setting up your entertainment center and your surround sound system. Accessories help create the perfect setting to make you and your guests feel as though you really are in your own, private movie theater.

Home Theater Lighting Ideas

If you want to create a certain ambiance for your home theater room, choose the right lighting. Lighting can set the mood for any room: candles provide a romantic glow, while bright lights are cheery. Learn some ideas that will help you choose the best lighting for your home theater.