Get Better Sound Quality With the Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio Tuner

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Sony HD Radio Tuner

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Sony’s XDR-F1HD HD Radio Tuner is a sleek and solid, subscription-free, high-fidelity receiver for home audio systems. For music lovers, this tuner is a powerful device to receive crystal clear sound, many more choices of music, and no burden of subscription fees. The tuner delivers good sound so that even the music from AM stations sounds like FM sound quality, and the FM music sounds quite like the CD sound.

The product includes an easy-to-read dot matrix LCD display to view song information and other data conveniently. It is ideal for people who wish to add an HD radio to their home audio equipment. The size of the tuner is fairly small, and it is designed to plug into an existing stereo system in a living room or bedroom. The display includes an arrow that informs the user if there are more sub-channels which need to be tuned up or down. This is useful because tuning HD channels can otherwise take a considerable amount of time.

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Product Features (3 out of 5)

This radio tuner from Sony XDR-F1HD uses high fidelity AM/FM/HD radio technology that provides superior sound clarity and static-free reception. It offers FM multi-casting without any subscription fees. The product includes an audio out jack and a full-function remote control. This tuner presents advanced radio broadcasting in a digital format. Channel presets can be set to HD sub-channels. If the AM radio has static interference, the HD radio signal still comes through with proper clarity.

The product incorporates an easy-to-see, full-dot backlit LCD display with display mode adjustments. The screen also shows a 12-hour clock with date and time. The tuner is compatible with most audio systems. It requires a connection through the audio out jack to receive many HD radio stations on the user’s existing audio system or home theater equipment. The receiver includes 20 station memory presets, which allows the user to set up to 20 AM and FM radio stations of their choice.

Technical Details of Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio Tuner (4 out of 5)

The FM multi-casting technology provides this tuner the ability to receive multiple program streams using a single FM frequency. This substantially expands the range of available free radio programming content. This tuner offers access to channels that are not easily found with conventional AM/FM radio. The antenna system is 75 ohm for FM and AM. Output power of the receiver is 2.8 W + 2.8 W, and the power requirements are 120 V AC, 60 Hz. Potential customers should know that “HD” in this tuner stands for Hybrid Digital, and not “High Definition."

Some of the technical issues experienced by a few users includes that the unit can become very hot when tuning the HD channels. Another flaw commonly felt by several users is that the backlit display continues to remain lit even when the power is turned off, and it cannot be dimmed. The unit has no optical output, and no input for frequencies either, which must be tuned up or down.

Value for Money (5 out of 5)

This product has been used and reviewed by several audiophiles as well as expert review sites, with generally favorable feedback. The FM analog tuner has received maximum appreciation from knowledgeable users. Comparisons of this tuner against much more expensive tuners on the market, has shown that users have a generally better experience with this tuner. Reception quality and sound clarity make this receiver totally worth the price for many people. There are 289 reviews of this product at Amazon and the average user rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Amazon sells it at a discounted price of $87.42, which is considerably cheaper than several other advanced tuners on the market. Overall, the product delivers good value for the money.