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Who Manufactures the Most Trouble-Free LCD Televisions Sets?

written by: Nanya•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/24/2010

There are countless LCD TVs available in the market, making the selection process all the more difficult. But, apart from quality, and features, maintenance has become a decisive element in the selection criteria too. So, here's an insight to the most trouble-free LCD TVs available in the market.

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    What Do Recent Surveys Indicate?

    The annual survey made by PCWorld and several other reliable sources, about the service and reliability of HDTVs indicated that Sony was on top, in the segment of LCD television sets. More than 16,000 individuals responded to the survey, and shared their likes and dislikes about the HDTVs they use. The survey was done by considering the measures like quality, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

    Sony, the giant of electronic products is pretty famous for its top notch high quality HD televisions, and no wonder the company had been applauded for its customer service and hardware reliability in this survey.

    The other top performers include Vizio, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic and LG that bagged high scores in terms of performance as well as quality. Full credits were given to Sharp, Vizio and LG for manufacturing some of the most trouble-free televisions too.

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    Brands to Avoid

    The worst score was fared by Mitsubishi, and the customers have been found to be really annoyed with their products. In terms of reliability and satisfaction, the companies which got lowest scores on their products were Mitsubishi, JVC and Hitachi.

    Sony users who have used Sony LCDs for years together expressed that they find Sony LCD to be one of the most trouble-free LCD TVs, though there’s no denial to the sheer fact that the quality comes at the cost of high price tag.

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    Some More Interesting Figures

    Let us take a look at another set of results from Consumer Reports, based on the reliability of the consumers’ electronics, especially the plasma TVs and LCDs.

    Among all the flat TV panels that were taken into consideration, Panasonic TH-50 PZ700U, a superb plasma TV was voted to be the most reliable TV (50 inches wide). On an average, it was conceived that Panasonic does not go beyond 2% in terms of breakages. Dell has recently put a halt on manufacturing LCD TVs, but the older products have scored fair rankings.

    Among the LCD TVs, the worst performance was given by the Hitachi, in terms of reliability. The highest ratings were received Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba. They were not only acclaimed of producing the most trouble-free LCD TVs, but also the most reliable and feature-rich top quality television sets.

    Strange as it may sound, the reports revealed that the customers spent about $300 on repair, on an annual basis (of course figures are indicative of average values). And, the maximum number of breakages demanded the replacement of the lamps.

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    Best Buys

    Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U

    This full HD 1080p 40-inch widescreen LCD TV comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, and has been reported to be the most trouble-free LCD TV from the house of Sony. It offers 100Hz Motionflow, freeview capabilities, and brighter pictures, as well as crystal clear details.

    Packed in sleek trendy design, the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U isn’t just an ordinary LCD; you don’t require a set-top-box for viewing free broadcast TV and radio channels.

    And, as far as reliability is concerned, you can simply forget the word “trouble" with the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U! It is available in the price range of £600-680 for UK customers.

    Samsung LN32B460

    Samsung-LN32B460 You'll be amazed to watch the big, bold colors delivered by this 32" inches wide LCD HDTV. Not only is its picture quality absolutely crystal clear, but the smooth motion takes the thrill of action scenes to the next level.

    The Samsung LN32B460 has been one of the top selling, as well as the most trouble-free LCD TVs marketed by Samsung in past one year or so.

    The bottom bezel and neck are absolutely transparent, and render a modern look.

    You can read more on the Samsung LN32B460 here.

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    A Small Piece of Advice

    LCD TVs as well as the plasma TVs from the reputed companies like Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba have been found to be very reliable. Even if you consider the rear projection sets, they’re repair-prone, though very much trouble-free for first few years. Therefore, there’s no point in spending $200-$400 on extended warranty; instead, you may take a look at a better option.

    All the needed repairs are covered by the standard warranty, and should things really go wrong, the extended warranty is also going to be of very little help.

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