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Samsung PN50B650 50-Inch, Best Plasma HDTV

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/18/2009

There are several models of Samsung Plasma TV available in the market today. If you're planning to buy one and size and price is not an issue, you'll never go wrong with the Samsung PN50B650. It's the best 50-inch plasma HDTV we've known and perhaps the best among Samsung HDTV products.

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    samsung plasma tv I'm about to purchase my next TV and honestly, I'm not looking at any brand other than Samsung. Samsung's stable of plasma HDTVs and LCD TV series are definitely one of the best TV models available in the market today. So, for the past several weeks I've been frequenting electronics shops both online and the brick and mortar stores surveying which Samsung LCD TVs to get. While doing so, I've encountered several Plasma TVs. I've examined them all - the Samsung online catalogs, Amazon reviews and everything else I could find - to come up with the best Samsung Plasma TV of them all - this 50-inch Plasma HDTV under the branding PN50B650.

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    Samsung 50-Inch PN50B650 Plasma TV - Features and Specs

    How could you possibly go wrong with a 50-inch plasma TV with features such as - full 1080p HD resolution, a fast .001ms response time, built-in digital tuner, 600Hz subfield motion, ultra filterbright panel, game mode, USB 2.0 movie playback, touch of color design on the bezel, wide color enhancer 3, two 10-watt stereo speakers, SRS TruSurround HD, DNLA-Compatible, content library through 1GB flash memory, Anynet for controlling the TV and other peripherals using one remote control, trilingual on-screen displays (English, Spanish, French), and Medi@20 feature for more Internet TV and online content via Yahoo, Flickr and other on-screen TV widgets.

    This 50-inch Plasma HDTV also offers a variety of connectivity features that let you connect various CEC-enabled peripherals including DVD and Blu-ray players. The Plasma TV has several HDMI inputs that let you connect various peripheral enhancements. Connection features include - HDMI, component video and audio, composite, USB 2.0, PC RGB input, Ethernet, and optical digital audio output.

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    What Makes the Samsung PN50B650 Plasma HDTV the Best?

    Reading all those great features and specs might just confuse you. So why is this plasma HDTV the best to date. Let's identify its best features and explain them to you.

    First, this Plasma TV features full HD or 1080p resolutions. It has 1.5 times more scanning lines than conventional HDTVs. These scanning lines produces more pixels, details - hence better picture quality. This Plasma TV has a resolution which is 2 times greater than your ordinary HDTV.

    Second,if you want more brilliant colors, this plasma TV features wide color enhancer 2 technology capable of producing those colors. It expands the gamut of color expressions into a third axis producing a 3D diagram of luminance. This in turn produces dynamic display of on-screen color and lets weak colors appear vivid and deep.

    Third, the PN50B650 Plasma TV also boasts Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio that produces true cinematic clarity.

    And finally design. This Plasma TV was created using Touch of Color design with dual-injection molding. The color of the Plasma's bezel changes in intensity relative to the viewing angle.

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