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Top Three 40 Inch LCD TVs

written by: •edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/31/2009

Looking for a 40” LCD TV? This collection of the top models on the market should help you to make up your mind.

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    3 of the Best 40” LCD TVs

    With prices falling considerably on LCD TVs (a 40” CRT would set you back around $1000 just a few years ago) and new technologies incorporated to improve picture and sound quality, there isn't a better time to invest in a 40” LCDTV.

    All major manufacturers such as Philips, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba are bringing out better and better models all the time; models that combine the best design, display and sound hardware and power consumption to provide consumers with the greatest possible choice.

    The following three 40” LCD TVs are 3 of the best currently available.

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    Sony Bravia S-Series KDL-40S5100

    Do LCD TVs get better than the Sony Bravia S-Series ? You can expect the best with Sony, and this Bravia S-Series 40” LCD mid-range model doesn’t disappoint, boasting 16:9 Full HD, providing the optimum resolution from any high def source capable of delivering 1080p content.

    Sony have their own solution to the well-documented contrast problems with LCD TVs – the Dynamic Backlight Control solution makes black look like black, while unique in-house technology is used to improve colour and sharpen images.

    The TV boasts three HDMI inputs for games console, Blu-ray player and any other HDMI-capable equipment you may have to acquire uncompressed digital video.

    This is a superb TV and probably the best on the market. Available currently, $679 seems a good price for quality.

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    Toshiba 40RV525R

    Toshiba's 40RV525R ofers an amazing 180 degree viewing angle With this TV you get a 40” display, good picture and sound quality – and a selection of Toshiba image processing technologies that have been designed to produce the best possible output.

    As expected the 40” TV produces 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) while the CineSpeed LCD panel has an 8 ms delivery speed to produce outstanding home theater images. The all-important viewing angle verges on 180 degrees, meaning you get the best seat in the house wherever you’re watching from!

    Particularly impressive (besides the almost delay free gaming mode and the “TheaterWide“ enhanced widescreen mode) is the 24FPS “Cinema Mode” which recreates an authentic 24 frames per second playback of classic movies, producing a frame-accurate picture. At $629, this is a top 40” LCD TV - buy yours direct from

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    Sharp LC40E67U/N

    The LC40E67U from Sharp has a 176°H x 176°W viewing angle! A superb 40” Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV from Sharp, this model retails at around $900 – it’s quality all the way as well, with analogue and digital TV tuners, 4 HDMI inputs and two 10 watt stereo speakers (outputting at 20W). The TV also boasts a 6ms Response Time, 1 PC Input and a game mode for playing games consoles without lag.

    Meanwhile, this Sharp LCD TV uses Optical Picture Control (OPC) to automatically raise or lower the TV's brightness, depending on the ambient brightness. It also has a 176°H x 176°W viewing angle- and together both give excellent viewing clarity from almost any position in your living room or dedicated home theater.

    This is yet another great 40” TV, you can get yours from Dell.